Side Lots - Blight Removal and Beautification

Since 2012, the Butler County Land Bank has been a steadfast partner in the rejuvenation of Butler County Communities by spearheading the removal of blighted properties. Numerous properties in Hamilton and Middletown have been successfully sold or leased to local residents, who have worked to enhance the quality and maintenance of these “side lot” properties. 

Below are before and after pictures showing how blight can be transformed, in Hamilton’s Arnondale, Lindenwald, North End and Prospect Hill Neighborhoods. 

Before  After
Mill Before Mill After
Ross After Ross Before
Hunt Before Hunt After
Gordon Before Gordon After
Summer Before Summer After
Ross 2 Before Ross 2 After
Elmo Before Elmo After
quote Our Goal is to strengthen Butler County neighborhoods by returning vacant and abandoned property to productive use.
icons 100+ Blighted properties transformed  into side lots
icons 800+ Blighted properties demolished
icons 2012 Established