Butler County Land Bank Board Members:
 County Treasurer Michael McNamara (Chair) - Michael.McNamara@bcohio.gov
 City of Middletown Representative Zack Ferrell (Vice Chair) -  zachf@cityofmiddletown.org
 County Commissioner Donald Dixon - Don.Dixon@bcohio.gov
 County Commissioner T.C. Rogers Rogers - TC.Rogers@bcohio.gov
 County Commissioner Cindy Carpenter - Cindy.Carpenter@bcohio.gov
 Alternate for Commissioner Carpenter - Dan Acton - actoncompany@aol.com
 Township Representative Ann Becker - abecker@westchesteroh.org
 City of Hamilton Representative Timothy Naab - Timothy.Naab@hamilton-oh.gov
 Seth Geisler, MCP, OhioCED (Executive Director) - Seth.Geisler@bcohio.gov
 Zack Brossart (Secretary) - brossartzr@butlercountyohio.org
 David Fehr (Treasurer) - David.Fehr@bcohio.gov
quote Our Goal is to strengthen Butler County neighborhoods by returning vacant and abandoned property to productive use.
icons 100+ Blighted properties transformed  into side lots
icons 800+ Blighted properties demolished
icons 2012 Established