One County, Two Homes

Butler County Land Bank activity has culminated in the creation of two new Habitat for Humanity homes in Butler County. Acquired through forfeited lot procedures in 2016 and 2017, these properties were initially blighted homes. Following their acquisition, the Land Bank undertook the demolition of these structures, subsequently transferring the lots to the Fairfield Township Community Improvement Corporation (CIC).

In 2023, the CIC transferred the properties to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati. Partnering with Butler County Community Development through the Home Investment Partnership Program, Habitat for Humanity has successfully constructed two beautiful homes on these lots. These new homes are now ready to provide deserving families with safe and welcoming places to live.

Parkamo Homes

quote Our Goal is to strengthen Butler County neighborhoods by returning vacant and abandoned property to productive use.
icons 100+ Blighted properties transformed  into side lots
icons 800+ Blighted properties demolished
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